1. Introduction2. Sign up3. Log in4. Profile5. Search for Trainees6. Contact Trainees7. Manage Trainees

1. Introduction

To become a registered host in the EU4EU portal you have to create an account first.
When the account is created, you will receive an email with a confirmation link.
Once the account is confirmed you will be able to log in and fill your profile.
The profile contains many fields, but no worry since everything is continuosly saved.

2. Sign up

To sign up, click on the link "TRAINEE/HOST Access" or "Login/Register".

Click on the link "Don't have an account yet? Sign up!".

Fill in all the fields and press "REGISTER".
You need to use a password with the following requirements "minimum 8 characters, at least one digit, one lower case character and one upper case character".

When you press on "REGISTER" and the account is created, you will see this page and an email with a confirmation link will be sent to you.

Go to your email client and check the emails. Search for a mail coming from noreply@eu4eu.org. If you don't find it, search in the spam folder.
When you find it, click on the link in it to confirm your account.

When your account is confirmed, you will see this page:

3. Log in

To log in, click on the link "TRAINEE/HOST Access" or "Login/Register".

Fill in with the email address and the password you have chosen during the sign up.

4. Profile

When you login the first time, this is the only page you can visit. This page save the informations entered in the form's fields every 1 second, so no data will be lost during the compilation. Once you click on "Complete the registration", if you filled in all the required information you will be redirected to the host page, otherwise please search for any error messages on the page and follow the instructions.

This is your main page.

5. Search for Trainees

Once your profile will be approved you'll be able to serch for the available trainees.

In the Search Trainees Page you can filter the trainees and contact them by clicking on their names.

6. Contact Trainees

In the Trainee Page you can find all the available details and when you find a trainee who suits your needs you can send her/him a Letter of Availability by cliccking on the Create Letter of Availability button.

This is the Create Letter of Availability Page. Fill each field and press Create Letter.

Now you created the Letter of Availability. You must download it, sign it and send to the trainee via email and wait for her/him to complete the application (if her/him agree).

7. Manage Trainees

Go back to your page, now you find the new Contacted Trainees button. Click it to access to the list of trainees to whom you sent a Letter of Availability.

This is the List of your contacted trainees Page.
If a trainee will join your organization you'll find her/his file uploaded in the "Letter of Availability (sent by the Trainee)" column. At the same time you'll find the "Evaluation Survey" available in the last column.